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Florida Horse Hay for Sale

Fresh Hay Bales, Hay Cubes, Chopped Hay, and Shavings Near Me

hay tractorTypes of Horse Hay

The two primary types of horse hay are legume and grass. However, the best types of hay are a hotly debated subject, with different horse owners preferring one over the other. Both legumes and grass have advantages and disadvantages to offer.

Florida Hay Bales and Straw Bales

Florida horses hay stores sell hay bales including coastal hay, alfalfa, peanut hay, O&A, T&A, orchard, T&O, straw bales, animal hay, cattle hay, and cow hay. Most hay is available in two or three string square bales and round bales are generally available for coastal hay, alfalfa, and perennial peanut hay.

Hay, such as alfalfa and alfalfa mixes, is also available in other forms such as chopped hay, compressed hay, hay pellets, and hay cubes.

Horse Feed

Florida feed stores also offer all brands of horse feed including Seminole, Purina, Southern States, Triple Crown, Nutrena, Cavelor, OBS, Mana Pro, Tribute, Cargill, Land o Lakes, and Standlee. Some, like Southern States are produced in Florida while others are national brands available throughout the USA.

Cow Hay for Sale Near Me

Cow and livestock hay is available most feed stores throughout the state.

Livestock and Animal Feed

Livestock and animal feeds are available from Purina, Mana Pro, Nutrena, Kalmbach, True Choice, Standlee, and Formula of Champions. Each hay and feed supplier carries two or three brand name feeds.

Florida local livestock feed producers include Syfret Feed Co., Southern States, Gator Feed Co., and Mana Pro.

Other Equestrian Supplies

Hay stores also offer beet pulp, straw, stall shavings, horse supplements, horse tack, and pet supplies. Additionally, most sell grass seed such as pasture mixes, alfalfa, Bermuda, and rye.

Coastal Hay, Alfalfa, Timothy

Depending on the time of year, most coastal hay sold in Florida is grown in north Florida and Georgia. Alfalfa, orchard, t&o, and t&a hay comes mainly from the northeast United States, California, Oregon, and Canada.

Perennial peanut hay is coming into favor as horse hay and is grown mostly in the Southeast United States.

Perennial peanut hay has finer stem texture when compared to alfalfa hay making it more desirable for horses in terms of intake. Since perennial peanut is highly nutritious and very palatable to horses, it is best used as a supplemental feed (instead of being self-fed) to prevent overconsumption.

Ocala Area Hay | North Central Florida Hay

Hay bales for sale in Ocala, Gainesville, Palatka, Lake City, Dunnellon, Alachua, High Springs, Weirsdale, Inverness, Bushnell, and Newberry, FL. Featuring fresh alfalfa hay and perennial peanut hay bales. Also offering hay cubes, chopped hay, and hay pellets, plus bedding and shavings.

Brevard Hay | Space Coast Hay | Melbourne Hay

Round and square hay bales for sale in Cocoa, Mims, Melbourne, Malabar, Grant, Fellsmere, Titusville, and Palm Bay, FL. Offering alfalfa, coastal, peanut, orchard, timothy, and hay mixes such o&a and t&a.

Southwest Florida Hay | Naples Hay | Fort Myers Hay

Horse and livestock hay bales for sale in Naples, Fort Myers, Venice, Everglades, Fort Meade, Bradenton, Punta Gorda, and Sarasota, FL including round bales, square bales, beet pulp, straw, hay cubes, chopped hay, and hay pellets.

Wellington, FL | Palm Beach County Feed and Hay

Hay bales for sale in Wellington, Loxahatchee, Delray Beach, Green Acres, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and West Palm Beach, FL. Delivery available.

Hay Suppliers and Wholesale Hay Dealers

Fresh from Florida Hay Suppliers

Complete list of Florida hay sellers and phone numbers from all areas of Florida. Call the hay farm directly to confirm availability, days and hours of operation, prices, types and sizes of bales, and transportation requirements.

National Hay Suppliers - Internet Hay Exchange

Hay bales for sale from Florida suppliers and national suppliers throughout the United States and Canada. Hay is available in big round bales and big and small square bales. Hay types include alfalfa, orchard, Bahia, Bermuda, Bermuda-Coastal, Bermuda -Tifton, Timothy mix, alfalfa-orchard, alfalfa-timothy, coastal, peanut and wheat straw. Delivery is available.

National Hay Association

The National Hay Association is made up of people that are involved in the production, sale and transportation of forage products across the United States

Internet Hay Exchange

Hay for sale on top hay listing and locator website. Over 10,000 hay for sale listings published annually.

AgriHay Exchange

The web's best place to buy and sell hay, feed and grain products and services.

Tropical Hay

Top quality Canadian hay, T/A or Alfalfa delivered with 100 bale minimum. Deliveries available in Florida including Wellington, Loxahatchee, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Jupiter, and Palm Beach County.

National Wood Shavings Suppliers | Horse Stalls | Livestock Barns

Sources for horse stall shavings from suppliers in Florida and the United States. Shavings are available in bags or in bulk and delivery is available. Listing includes prices and contact information.

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