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Florida Equine Veterinarians

Florida Equine Veterinary Services

Florida equine veterinarians provide health care services for horses including acupuncture, sports, therapy, chiropractic, diagnostic imaging, pathology, orthopedics, toxicology, neurology, pharmacology, respiratory, cardiology, and oncology. Equine veterinarians also offer routine well care such vaccinations and deworming. There are also some who specialize in breeding or rehabilitation.

Most equine veterinarians specialize in horses, while others will also work with other large animal breeds such as cows and cattle.

Pre Purchase Exam

One of the most important tasks for equine veterinarians is conducting pre-purchase exams. The veterinarian will check the horse for soundness, overall health, lameness, and conformation. The examination for a performing horse is divided into four sections. 1. Observing the horse in the stall. 2. observing the horse on a lead strap at a walk and a trot on a straight line, doing flexion tests, and in a circle with a longe line. 3. Observation of the horse while it is being ridden. 4. Diagnostic procedures such as radiography, endoscopy, ultrasonography, etc.

The extent of a pre purchase exam depends on the purpose that the horse will be used for which also relate to the price of the horse. A lesson horse does not require or warrant the extensive testing of a high value sport horse.

Equine Emergency Services

Florida equine vets are available for horse emergencies 24/7 including Equine Medical Center of Ocala, Surgi Care in Brandon, FL and University of Florida Large Animal Hospital.

Equine Dentists

Florida equine dental care including teeth floating, horse tooth extraction, and regular maintenance. Natural horse teeth care. Some equine veterinarians specialize in dental care while others perform routine dental care as part of their overall practice.

Listings are ordered by Veterinarians, Emergency Veterinarians, and Equine Dentists, and then by City.