Florida Equine Veterinarians
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Florida Equine Veterinarians

Florida Equine Veterinary Services

List of Florida Equine Veterinarians

Florida Veterinary Medical Association

American Association of Equine Practitioners Directory

Florida equine veterinarians provide health care services for horses including acupuncture, sports, therapy, chiropractic, diagnostic imaging, pathology, orthopedics, toxicology, neurology, pharmacology, respiratory, cardiology, and oncology. Equine veterinarians also offer routine well care such vaccinations and deworming. There are also some who specialize in breeding or rehabilitation.

Most equine veterinarians specialize in horses, while others will also work with other large animal breeds such as cows and cattle.

Pre Purchase Exam

One of the most important tasks for equine veterinarians is conducting pre-purchase exams. The veterinarian will check the horse for soundness, overall health, lameness, and conformation. The examination for a performing horse is divided into four sections.

1. Observing the horse in the stall.

2. Observing the horse on a lead strap at a walk and a trot on a straight line, doing flexion tests, and in a circle with a longe line.

3. Observation of the horse while it is being ridden.

4. Diagnostic procedures such as radiography, endoscopy, ultrasonography, etc.

The extent of a pre purchase exam depends on the purpose that the horse will be used for which also relate to the price of the horse. A lesson horse does not require or warrant the extensive testing of a high value sport horse.

Equine Emergency Services

University of Florida Large Animal Hospital Emergencies Phone: (352) 392-2229 Address: 2015 SW 16th Ave Gainesville, FL 32610.

A patient can be referred by the primary care veterinarian or the owner can call the hospital directly. It is critical that arrangements be made with the veterinarian on-call prior to arriving at the hospital if possible.

The equine veterinarians at the UF Large Animal Hospital provide equine and large animal emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Brandon Equine Medical Center Phone: 813-643-7177 Address: 605 E. Bloomingdale Ave, Brandon, FL

They offer comprehensive care for horses, including diagnostics, surgery, and emergency services. Brandon Equine Medical Center provides 24-hours-a-day hospital emergency services, including surgical cases. Brandon Equine sees approximately 500 emergency cases per year and is equipped to manage all emergency conditions.


Palm Beach Equine Clinic - Wellington, FL. Phone 561-793-1599 Address: 13125 Southfields Rd, Wellington, FL 33414

For emergency care, please do not hesitate to call (561) 793-1599 to reach the Palm Beach Equine Clinic on-call veterinarian. Palm Beach Equine Clinic is proudly the Official Veterinarian of the Winter Equestrian Festival, Wellington International, Global Dressage Festival, and Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center.

Steele Equine Veterinary Services & Performance Horse Center (SW Florida) Phone: 863-452-0808 Address: 7713 State Road 64 East Zolfo Springs, FL 33890

Fit Horse … Sports Medicine … Rehabilitation … Podiatry … Reproduction … Chiropractic … Dentistry … Mobile Services … Emergency … Surgery … Hospitalization


Equine Dentists

Some equine veterinarians specialize in dental care while others perform routine dental care as part of their overall practice. Equine dental care is crucial for maintaining a horse’s overall health and well-being. Horses have evolved over millions of years to adapt to grazing, and their teeth play a vital role in this process.
The hypsodont (high-crowned) teeth of horses continue to erupt throughout their lives, compensating for the wear caused by grinding abrasive grass. Proper dental alignment allows horses to cut grass close to the ground without disturbing surrounding debris. Regular dental maintenance, known as “floating,” involves filing down sharp points and ensuring proper occlusion.
Equine veterinarians provide comprehensive dental examinations and develop individualized treatment plans to keep horses healthy and comfortable.

 If you need an equine dental practitioner, you can find one through the AAEP directory.

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