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Commercial Real Estate Loans

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Important information about commercial real estate loans including avoiding costly prepayment penalties when negotiating your commercial real estate loan. Learn about cap rates, cash flow and taxable income for investment properties.

Fractional Ownership

Investing in commercial real estate requires knowledge of marketing trends and competitive forces. That is why buying a fractional ownership share in a property might make sense for an individual investor. Fractional real estate is a unicorn investment because it offers a rare combination of high returns and low risk. It makes the attractive returns of commercial real estate available to the average citizen.

Comparing Commercial Real Estate Loans

When comparing commercial real estate loans, it is best to shop at least six lenders to find the best offer. You can find these lenders at the links above. One application will be presented to multiple lenders offering the type of financing you are looking for. You will get several offers and can choose the best terms.

When comparing loans be sure to note the index being used to set the interest rate. The index is a key component in setting the rate and will influence your payments for the term of the loan.

Commercial Real Estate News

Current news, tax insights, regulatory updates, and commercial real estate deals affecting CRE investors and lenders... Read more

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