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Adequan Global Dressage Festival at Wellington, FL

January 2024 - March 2024

Dressage horseWorld's Largest CDI Horse Show series

The Wellington International Adequan Global Dressage Festival fields the most CDI horse shows in one place in the world. Sanctioned by FEI, the world equestrian governing body, CDI shows represent the highest level of dressage competition.

More CDI4*

This year, the Global Dressage Festival will offer an impressive number of CDI4* competitions in addition to the top rated CDI5*, a province of Nations Cup and World Cup qualifiers. The intention is to spread prize money and provide opportunities for competitors to earn more world ranking points.

CDI (Concurs de Dressage International)

On the dressage show schedule you will see the term CDI which stands for Concurs de Dressage International (International Dressage Event) with the number of * representing progressively higher requirements and more opportunities.

Global Dressage Stadium

The Global Dressage Festival is currently held at the Global Dressage Stadium in the Equestrian Village in Wellington, FL. Adjacent to Wellington International and the Show Jumping facility, the dressage horses share stables within the Village. Long term plans call for dressage events to be moved to Wellington International.

Dressage Under the Lights on Friday Nights

On certain designated weekends the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle will be featured on Friday evening, taking advantage of Florida's mild winter nights for an exciting equestrian night out. Set to music, the Grand Prix Freestyle is a enjoyable event for both rider and spectator alike.

Dressage and the Olympics

Dressage become an Olympic Sport in the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm but only commissioned military officers were allowed to compete until 1952 when the rules changed to allow both civilian men and women to compete.

Wellington International Adequan Global Dressage Festival Schedule 2024 TBA

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