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Hard Equity Loan

Get your difficult commercial real estate deal done

Hard Equity Loan

When your real estate deal is not bankable in today's lending environment, a reasonable place to turn is to private mortgage lenders.

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Hard money lenders represent individuals who invest for greater returns and are interested in earning money. While the terms are not always exactly what you would like, if there is money to made in the deal for you, it makes sense to get it done.

The real advantage is dealing with common sense lenders who will make the deal if you have enough skin in the game. Documentation is limited and extremely fast turn around times are not unusual. Don't wait, apply now and see what it will take to get your deal done.

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Bridge Loans

Borrowers frequently turn to hard money lenders to get a bridge loan. Hard money bridge loans may be used to close a transaction while waiting to sell one property and buying another.

A hard money loan may also be used to close a great deal quickly and worry about permanent financing later. Hard money loans are also perfect for flipping a property when the holding time will be short.

Hard money loans are also a way to close fast on residential properties that are to be held as investments. Investors can accumulate several properties using a bridge loan and then refinance to one commercial loan using the properties as collateral.

Whatever the reason, a hard money loan makes sense when there is money to made by doing the deal. You can price a loan offer online without a credit report, so you get a fast response.

Lending Universe has been doing this type of lending for many years and has a network of loan investors that want to make loans.

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