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Discount Pet Stores

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fluffy dog toyDiscount Pet Stores is a website for the many pet owners who are choosing to order pet supplies online as a way to save money. Savvy shoppers browse several stores and compare prices in order to experience the most savings.  Also, smart shopper take advantage of coupons and special discounts offered by many online pet stores.

The Online Pet Supply Specials

You will find a huge selection of discount pet supplies including dog food, cat toys, bedding, cages, and more. You know if prices are low because all of these stores are competing with each other and you can easily see prices.

Best Pet Supply Prices

The Pet Store Directory provides the safety and convenience of ordering from home. Plus, you have the ability to the read customer reviews, and to compare prices. In many instances state sales tax does not apply, providing additional savings when buying pet supplies.

Famous brands at discount prices.

Select famous brands such as Frontline, Advantage, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Purina, Grandma Lucy #ad, and more. You are shopping at well-known online stores to be assured of safe, efficient service. Additionally, most online pet stores offer free returns so it is easy to exchange your merchandise when it isn't right.

Dog Stores - Chewy Pet Supplies

Chewy Pet Supplies offers the best selection and prices on all your dog supplies. Shop for dog crates, dog kennels, dog beds, leashes, toys, dog collars, and flea and tick treatment.

Premium Dog Food - Dry and Wet

Featuring premium dry dog food such as Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Hills Science Diet, Dr. Marty, Royal Canine, Wild Earth, Purina Pro, and more. Special grain free dog foods such as ORIJEN Original Grain-Free Dry Dog Food and Zignature Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Check out this huge selection of wet dog food that can be shipped to your home on a regular basis, saving you time and money. Find such dog food brands such as Weruva, Instinct, and Nulo at great prices and with two day delivery.

Many dog owners prefer grain free food for their dogs for various reasons, but lower calories or more meat may not be the case. Read more about grain free dog food at Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Cat Store

Offering a huge selection of cat toys, cat liter boxes, Chewy cat food, and cat flea treatments.

Caged Bird Supplies

You can compare features and see prices right online and most offer free returns. Featuring every variety bird seed, plain and fancy cages, cage liners, mirrors, and hundreds of bird toys. Don't miss out on browsing the many new bird cage designs that are now available.

Wild Bird Seed

These online pet stores carry every type of wild bird seed from all over the world. You can find seed suitable for the birds in your area at great prices and have it delivered to your door. There are many varieties available for different birds and different geographical locations.


You will delight in the deep discounts on all aquariums and accessories. Find just what you want at great prices and have it delivered to your home in just a few days. Check out the new LED lighting options that really make a difference.

Reptile Supplies

The finest reptile cages and aquariums, plus food, and accessories for snakes, lizards, and turtles You may find many new items when you browse through all the stores. You will be amazed by all the options available for aquariums and accessories.

Thousands of Choices | Compare Prices | Shop Safely

One of the best features of online pet stores is the huge selection available. There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a pet store and not finding what you need. Online, the stock is much larger, so you are likely to find the size and style you need. And if one store does not have what you want, you can easily shop at another store.

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