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Horses for Sale in Florida

Florida Equine Classifieds, Facebook Pages, and Horse Breeders

Find your dream horse in Florida

horse grazing behind white fenceHorses for sale in Florida. No matter where you live in the Southeast United States, horse purchase options are abundant since one of the largest horse populations in the world resides in Florida. Here, championship racing Thoroughbreds and equestrian sport horses are bred on gorgeous horse farms throughout the state.

Retired race horse programs in Florida and elsewhere offer adoption programs for race horses that don't make the cut as race horses. These horses are often found suitable for the rigors of a jumping career.

Horse Sales at Winter Horse Shows in Florida

Highly attended winter horse shows in Wellington and Ocala, Florida draw thousands of sport horses each year from all over the world. Many of these horses are offered for sale with horse sales taking place during the three months of horse shows.

These horse shows provide the perfect opportunity to view horses in action and to acquire a show horse with your desired training level. Horse show sales.

Sport Horses and Dressage Horses

The Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington features many of the world's top jumping horses and the World Dressage Festival attracts top level riders and horses.

HITS Ocala also attracts many of the countries top hunter / jumpers to its twelve week winter circuit. The new World Equestrian Center Ocala promises to bring even more jumping and dressage horses to Florida. Additionally, WEC has four climate controlled arenas encouraging horse shows to be held throughout the year.

Available Horses by Discipline

Horses may be found with all training levels and disciplines including All-Around, Barrel Racing, Breeding, Bucking Bronc, Calf Roping, Competitive Trail, Cutting, Draft, Dressage, Driving, Equitation. Endurance Riding, English Pleasure, Eventing, Field Trial, Five Gaited, Fox Hunting, Gaited, Halter, Harness, Hunter Hack, Hunter Under Saddle, Jumping, Mounted Shooting, Park, Pleasure Driving, Pole Bending, Polo, Racing, Ranch Work, Reining, Rodeo, Roping, Show, Team Penning, Team Roping, Trail, Western Pleasure, Working Cattle, Working Hunter, and Youth.

Off-The-Track-Thoroughbreds (OTTB)

ottb for saleSeveral horse rescue and rehabilitation organizations in Florida offer OTTB horses that are suited for second lives in the show ring or just as general use horses. These horses are available for modest rehoming fees and have been trained as everyday horses, removing unwanted race horse behavior. Those organizations offering these horses are listed in the directory.

Classified Sources for Horses for Sale in Florida

Find thousands of horses offered for sale in one of Florida's many classified websites or Facebook pages. Several of the most dependable sites are listed here and you can find anything from pasture companion horses up to highly trained performance horses.

Florida Horses For Sale - MyHorseForSale.com Equine Classifieds

Pre Purchase Exams

When purchasing a horse at almost any level, it pays to have an equine veterinarian do a pre purchase exam to assure the horse's soundness and suitability. The buyer or an agent should be present at the exam, so any questions and concerns can be addressed in person.

The pre purchase examination is a veterinarian's evaluation of the horse to discover any problems that might affect the horse’s current or future performance and health. Most pre purchase exams include a physical exam where the heart, lungs, eyes, conformation, skin, teeth, legs, and feet are evaluated.

After the initial exam, the horse’s gaits are evaluated (in hand, under saddle or both) before flexion tests are performed to identify any areas of soreness. The buyers should obtain a detailed medical history from the seller, including any radiographs, ultrasounds, vaccinations, dentals, lameness, joint injections, illnesses, etc.

If the buyer is comfortable with the findings of the examination up to this point, further diagnostics can be pursued. Radiographs are recommended to check for any boney abnormalities, particularly of any potential problem areas identified during the exam. A full set of radiographs is always recommended and will provide a baseline should any issues arise in the future.

Ultrasound can be performed on any old injuries, or thickened tendons. Additionally, laboratory testing can be performed, most commonly general health screening and toxicology (drug testing for any pain killers, sedatives or other medications). When all lab and x-ray results are complete, the buyer is sent the final report.

Veterinarians do not pass or fail a horse in a pre-purchase exam. Their purpose is to provide information to the buyer about the horse's condition, and it is ultimately up to the buyer to decide whether or not to purchase the horse.


Using the information gathered, these exams have saved many horse buyers much heartache and financial distress. List of Florida equine veterinarians.

Florida Breeders

Horse breeds available include Florida Cracker Horses, Miniature Horses, Pony, Arabian, Morgan, Frisians, Quarter Horse, Warmblood, Gypsy Varner, Lusitano, Thoroughbreds, Connemara, Paso Fino, Percheron, Paint, Shire, Trakehner, Norwegian Fjord Horse, Oldenburg, Mustang, and more.

Florida has numerous horse breeders, including both Thoroughbred race horse breeders and sport horse breeders. Included in our list below is a variety of Florida horse sellers offering different breeds and finish levels. The description indicates the type of horses they breed.

Horse Auctions

Several race horse auctions are held in Ocala each year at Ocala Breeders Sales (OBS) including seasoned race horses,  unraced two year olds, and yearlings. Check out the auction calendar. Offering online bidding.

Ocala Horse Sale holds period auctions for all types of consignment horses and sale horses can be viewed online and online bidding is available.

Horse Adoption in Florida

Find Florida horses available for adoption at Equine Rescue Organizations.

These horses are evaluated by licensed rescue organizations and are deemed suitable for adoption in terms of health and temperament. Designated horses are available to be rehomed to qualified adopters at a small fee. Rescue organizations depend on donations and volunteers to perform their valuable work.

Horse Breeds for Sale - Draft Horses

American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Association

Drafts for Sale The Premier Draft Horse Classified

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