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Horse Shipping | Local | National | International

horse transport truckNational horse transport quotes throughout North America. Find a trustworthy carrier at a reasonable price and with references from former customers.

Horse Transport

American Horse Carriers Association

The American Horse Carriers Association has a mission to promote safe and efficient horse transportation. The American Horse Carriers Association member's share ideas on providing quality horse shipping.

Horse Transport Options:

Familiarize yourself with various horse transport options based on factors like distance, duration, and your horse’s needs. Consider professional horse transport services with a track record of safety, positive reviews, and appropriate certifications. Look for providers who follow equine travel regulations and have contingency plans for emergencies.

Cross-Country Horse Transport:

For longer distances, such as cross-country trips, consider commercial shippers experienced in long-haul journeys. These services often use air-ride suspension vehicles and provide regular rest stops to maintain your horse’s comfort throughout the trip.

Preparing Your Horse for Transport:

 A well-prepared horse is more likely to remain calm and arrive in good condition. Schedule a pre-transport health check with your veterinarian. Ensure vaccinations are up-to-date and obtain necessary health certificates. Comply with equine travel regulations and acquire the correct documentation, including proof of ownership and travel permits.

Equine Insurance:

You will want to check the requirements of your horse insurance policy as to coverage during transport. While the transporter provides liability insurance, individual insurance for each horse is the domain of the horse owner.

Safety During Transport:

For safety and comfort during shipping, your horse may benefit from a padded, break away shipping halteris recommended. Many horse owners also like to use horse shipping boots during shipping to prevent leg injuries while the horse is in close quarters.

Horse Transport

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