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Ocala Boarding Barns

Ocala horse boarding stablesOcala horse boarding stables are located in some of the most beautiful horse country in the world, featuring rolling hills, stately oaks, and the Ocala National Forrest. Many Ocala boarding barns are adjacent to shaded horseback riding trails meandering through some of Florida's oldest oaks.

Horse boarding is available at reasonable rates in the Ocala area for both annual and seasonal stalls.

Seasonal Stall Rentals

Seasonal stalls are available on a weekly, monthly, or season basis near HITS Ocala Post Time Farm, World Equestrian Center Ocala, and located northwest of Ocala and the Florida Horse Park to the south of downtown. Some facilities will lease out their entire barn to those who require multiple stalls for the horse show season.

Ocala Horse Stables

Ocala horse stables offer seasonal horse boarding, horse retirement, and quarantine services in addition to full, partial and pasture boarding. There are many outstanding horse boarding stables in the Ocala area and our directory has links to their websites for easy shopping. Our directory includes Ocala, Gainesville, Anthony, Archer, and Alachua horse stables.

Specialized Horse Stables

Some horse stables specialize in certain riding disciplines such as show jumping or dressage. Riders like the camaraderie of riders with similar interests and the barn can offer targeted facilities such as dressage arenas for practice. Some barns will field teams to compete against other stables in the area.

Individual stables may have their own resident trainers available and exclude outside trainers. You may have to board at some stables to use their trainers. Others will let your outside trainer work with you at their facility. Trainer policy at is a primary consideration when selecting a suitable stable and should be included on your checklist.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Many Ocala horse stables feature horse training and horseback riding lessons. Some stables specialize in horse riding disciplines such as show jumping or English and western dressage. Some stables require you board at the stable to receive lessons from their trainers while others let you train with their trainers without a boarding arrangement.

Ocala Horse Trainers

Horse trainers may train at their own facility, or they may work at someone else's stable, or they may travel to their client's home base. Horse trainers work with both horses and riders to assure both members of the team are on the same page.

Horse trainers come in all skill levels and specialties. Some specialize in basic beginner horseback riding training while others are show riders themselves with all levels of accomplishments. Selecting the right trainer requires first setting your goals as a rider, and then researching available trainers that will help you achieve your goals.

Ocala Horse Stable Directory

Serving Marion, Alachua, Levy, Suwannee, and Sumter Counties.