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Horse Country Carriage Co & Tours

Ocala Horse Farm and Carriage tours offers a one hour horse drawn carriage tour through horse country and is the perfect way to see the beauty of Ocala's horse farms. This highly rated horse farm tour has received rave reviews from hundreds of guests.

There is not better way to get to experience the horse capital of the world than with a carriage tour of Ocala's breeding farms showing majestic horses prancing in green pastures amid miles of giant oaks shading the way.

Ocala Florida Horse Farms

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Florida has more horse breeding farms and stables than any other state in America. The state's horse breeding farms are mainly located in the north central part of Florida and include horse farms in Ocala and Marion County that specialize in Thoroughbred horse and sport horse breeding.

Ocala Thoroughbred Breeding Farms

Florida is home to over 600 Thoroughbred horse farms and training centers, with greater than 75 percent of these horse farms located near Ocala in Marion County.

Florida's Thoroughbred horse farms and training centers have produced 47 National Champions, six Kentucky Derby winners, seven Preakness Stakes winners, six Belmont Stakes winners, 23 Breeders Cup champions, and six Horses of the Year.

The Gypsy Gold Farm

road winding along horse fenceTour this farm with beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses on a 40 acre ranch in the heart of Ocala farm country. The Gypsy Gold Farm is home to the first 16 registered Gypsy Vanner horses, a breed that is now over 5,000 horses strong.

Gypsy Vanner horses are a breed of domestic horse that originates from Ireland. Furthermore, they are also known as Gypsy Cobs or Irish Cobs. The breed was selectively bred for over half a century from a vision to create the perfect horse to pull the Gypsy caravan. The goal of the Romany breeders was to produce a well-bred horse that was gentle and strong as well as visually spectacular1. Additionally, Gypsy Vanners are relatively small horses, standing between 12.2 and 16 hands high. And, while they may be shorter than your typical draft, they are broadly built and are easily capable of pulling carriages and caravans.

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