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Hotels and RV Rentals in Gainesville, FL

University of FloridaUniversity of Florida Lodging Deals for All Activities

Gainesville Hotel and Vacation Rental Deals for sports events, conferences, and graduation ceremonies. Book now.

A great way to experience a football game is to rent an RV and get set up for the pre-game party in comfort. And after the game, relax while all the traffic flows around you. Book RV Rentals

Florida Gator Football Tickets

The Swamp

Gator Football at the Swamp

Gainesville, Florida Hotels. Gainesville is home of the University of Florida and their always exciting Gator football at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. There is nothing like a home game at UF and faithful football fans know the excitement of game day in Gainesville. Don't miss this season. Plan ahead with tickets and lodging.

University of Florida Basketball at Exactech Arena Basketball Tickets

UF also boasts a championship basketball team that is in the hunt for the final four every year. Home game Gator basketball tickets are available at a discount here

UF Women's Basketball Basketball Tickets

Women's basketball at the University of Florida has been a major success with teams frequently moving on to post season tournaments as is the case this year. 

Florida Gator Baseball at Florida Ballpark Baseball Tickets


The University of Florida baseball team is always a contender in the Southeast Conference and this year is no exception.


University of Florida Performing Arts and other UF Activities

Concerts, dance, and other entertainment as presented by the University of Florida Perfuming Arts Department at various venues in Gainesville, FL. See calendar of events here.

University of Florida Graduation Ceremonies

The many colleges of the University of Florida hold graduation ceremonies in May, August, and December of each year. These graduation ceremonies attract thousands of family and friends to the Gainesville area and hotel rooms become scarce. Book early to assure your lodging needs are met for graduation day.

University of Florida Conferences

The University of Florida hosts numerous conference throughout the year that require nearby accommodations at reasonable prices.

Other Gainesville Attractions

Gainesville is also home to the Florida Museum of Natural History, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, and the Fred Bear Museum.

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