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Launch Pads at Spaceport America

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What Launches at Spaceport America

virgin galaticTruth or Consequences, New Mexico, is the closet city to Spaceport America, home to the Virgin Galactic space flight company. Virgin Galatic offers sub orbital rides in a into space aboard a modified space vehicle that takes off and lands much like an airplane.

While being billed as space travel for the everyman, tickets are being sold on their website for future flights at Virgin Galactic.

Location of Spaceport America near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Spaceport America is located about thirty miles from Truth or Consequences which is a real city with a bizarre name.

Using 27 square miles of desert in New Mexico, Spaceport America is Virgin Galactic’s human spaceflight headquarters and center of its flight operations. The site was funded by the state of New Mexico, and the Sierra and Dona Ana counties. Spaceport America provides facilities and a training location for astronauts, as well as the the place to start and finish the spaceflight itself.

Gateway to Space

The Gateway to Space building serves as a home for Virgin Galactic space vehicles, a hub for astronaut preparation, and the nerve center for flight operations.

The plan is to provide sub orbital space flights to paying passengers who wish to experience space travel. The space vehicles that will be used by Virgin Galactic look much like airplanes and will take off an land on runways.

The Virgin Galactic Space Craft

The space vehicle is very similar to an airplane, and is launched from the bottom of a larger airplane when its detached and its rockets take over. The vehicle then ascends to near space at the apogee of the earth's atmosphere where occupants experience several seconds of weightlessness. The vehicle then descends as a drone back to the launch site and lands much like an airplane.

Hotel Reservations Near Truth or Consequences, NM.


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