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Launch Pad at Pacific Spaceport Complex

Lodging Near Kodiak Island, Alaska

What Launches at the Pacific Spaceport on Kodiak Island, Alaska?

Pacific Spaceport ComplexLaunch pad at Pacific Spaceport Complex is a dual-use commercial and military spaceport for sub-orbital and orbital launch vehicles. The facility is owned and operated by the Alaska Aerospace Corporation, a public corporation of the State of Alaska, and is located on Kodiak Island in Alaska. The spaceport opened in 1998 and as of January 1, 2022 has supported 29 launches, most of those for the U.S. government.

Location of Pacific Spaceport Complex

The Pacific Spaceport Complex is located on Kodiak Island, on the Southern coast of Alaska.

Hotel Reservations Near Pacific Spaceport Complex Launch Site

Kodiak is the largest city on Kodiak Island and offers the most lodging options. Kodiak is located about 45 miles from the Pacific Spaceport and takes about an hour and a half to navigate the curvy road to a viewing area.

Viewing Near Pacific Spaceport Launch Site

The best place to view launches from the Pacific Spaceport Launch Site is anywhere along the entrance road to the Pacific Spaceport. Launches can be seen from all over Kodiak Island.


Vrbo Vacation Rentals Near Pacific Spaceport Complex, Kodiak Island

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