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Florida Horse Camps 2024

Florida Spring Vacation Camps and Summer Camps

rider at a Florida horse camp.Florida horse camps. You will know the kids are having a great time and learning important life skills when at horseback riding camp. Even novices will learn horsemanship and all the basics about horses that go with it.

It should be noted that some camps offer more intense riding training and instruction while others treat it as a recreational opportunity. When looking for camps, be sure determine their agenda meets your and your child's expectations.

Florida horse camps are a special time for kids to take horseback riding lessons. Regardless of whether they are beginners learning the basics or experienced riders polishing their skills. Camps are a wonderful time for making new friends while becoming proficient horseback riders.

Spring Break Horseback Riding Camps

Florida spring break horse camps provide a chance to get back into horseback riding for fun and away from the pressures of school. For those interested in polishing their riding skills they can also a preamble to the summer horse show season. Spring break in public schools in Florida will be one week in March depending on your school district. Click here for Florida spring break schedule for you county.

Florida Summer Horseback Riding Camps

two girls fist bumping at riding campFlorida summer horse camps provide one or two week programs locally or at sleep away camps. Day camps are an excellent opportunity for riders to meet other riders from the local area and create new friendships. Alternatively, sleep away camps are more of a total emersion into horses including care and feeding, as well as more riding time each day. Some camps are more formal than others as to teaching riding and equestrian skills.

Check out Camp Reviews

leading a horse at campSpecifically, it is a good idea to check out several camps to see which is going to meet the needs of your young rider. You can also read reviews on Yelp or other local directories to get feedback from people who have had experience with the camps. Frequently, recommendations from equestrian friends are the best source of information about horseback riding camps.

First Time Riders

For those approaching horseback riding for the first time, there are some excellent books to help make the process more enjoyable.

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Horse Camps in Florida

Just Day Camps