Florida Farriers
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Florida Farriers

Horse Shoes | Hoof Trimming | Corrective Hoof Care

Certified Florida Farriers Directory

Florida farrier at workList of Certified Florida farriers offering horses hoof trimming and hot and cold horse shoeing. Also, specializing in corrective shoeing, hoof care, holistic hoof treatments, horse management, and specialty work.

Treating Lameness

Experienced farriers can assist in correcting horse lameness issues and maintaining hoof health. Likewise, regular hoof trimming is essential for the continued health and performance of your horse.

Farrier Store and Supplies

Complete online farrier store featuring discount farrier tools and farrier supplies including farrier kits, horse rasps, farrier gloves, hoof knives, farrier nippers, hoof polish, hoof treatment, thrush treatment, hoof picks, farrier aprons, and farrier stands.

Florida farriers Florida Farriers Directory

Includes farrier listings for all areas of Florida including South Florida, Central Florida, Southwest Florida, Tampa, Jacksonville and the Florida Panhandle. This directory features Florida farriers and allows farriers to list their services. The directories are current and may be searched by city so you can find a farrier near you.

about horse hoof trimmingNatural Barefoot Trimming; The Hoof Guided Method

Many horse owners take on the task of trimming their horse's hooves themselves. Some horse owners do this to save money, but many enjoy the work and feel more connected to their horses. Others would rather have a professional farrier do the work. Either way, as a horse owner, it does not hurt to have the knowledge of what goes into horse hoof trimming.

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