Florida cattle for sale
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Florida Cattle for Sale

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florida cattleFlorida is where beef cattle production began

Florida cattle for sale. The Texas Longhorn gets all the attention but the first beef cattle in the United States originated right here in Florida. Interestingly, almost every strain and breed of cattle in the United States started in Florida when the Spaniards imported them in the early 1500s.

Florida produces cattle for export as well as domestic consumption throughout the United States.

Cattle and Cows

Often the terms cattle and cow are used interchangeably. In fact, cattle refers to the plural of cows, and cows refer to the females of the species. So all cows are cattle, but all cattle are not cows. On a dairy farm, all cattle are cows used to produce milk. On a cattle ranch, there is a mixture of cows, steers, and bulls that are raised to produce beef.

Florida Cattle Breeds

Black Angus is the most common breed of cattle raised in Florida and the United States. Like many cattle breeds, Black Angus has its origins in Scotland and is known for its flavorful meat.

Brahman Cattle were bred in the United States from cattle originating in India. Brahman cattle are known for their tolerance of heat, strong sun, and humidity. Therefore, they are suited to the Florida climate.

Brangus Cattle are a crossbreed between Brahman and Angus cattle, taking the best from each.

Florida Cracker Cattle are the ancestors of the original cattle brought to Florida by the Spaniards. Florida Cracker cattle developed into a heat tolerant breed that can be raised in the Florida wild.

Ona White Angus is a highbred version Black Angus. Ona White Angus because of its white color is more tolerant of the hot Florida sun.

Senepol cattle are also known for heat tolerance and longer grazing times in the hot sun. Accordingly, Senepol cattle are well suited for Florida and similar climates.

Highland Cattle, originally from Scotland, are found in Florida and are notable for their shaggy coats. Surprisingly, Highland cattle seem to tolerate the Florida heat.

Miniature Cattle and Miniature Cows for Sale

See our miniature farm animal page for complete descriptions of various breeds of miniature cattle and mini cows. What miniature cows make the best milk cows?

Florida Cattle Auctions and Livestock Auctions

Arcadia Stockyard

Located on Hwy 17, 8 miles north of Arcadia, FL 34266

Arcadia livestock auctions are held every Monday and Wednesday at noon. Arcadia Stockyard uses misters to cool the animals, which allows for lower stress. Arcadia Stockyard features a newer State-Of-The-Art Market, easy Drive-Thru Unloading, and a Front Porch Atmosphere! Keep your eye on our calendar for any special sales we plan for the fall season. We will schedule bull sales, replacement heifer sales, and our annual slaughter cow and bull sale. We work to provide you with quality bulls and heifers to purchase for your herd. Our slaughter sale has historically been a good sale. Don’t forget this important sale when planning to cull your herd.

Cattlemen's Livestock Auction

3305 US-92, Lakeland, FL 33801 863-665-5088

Cattlemen's Livestock Auction will continue to have its livestock sales as scheduled. For the safety of all, we ask that only active buyers and sellers be in the sale ring. You may also call our office to arrange for alternate options for picking up checks if you prefer not to wait for mail delivery.

Columbia Livestock Auction | Cattle | Goats | Sheep

4662 SE Country Club Rd, Lake City, FL 32025 (386) 752-3159

Columbia Livestock Market is a family owned and operated business since 1964, located just South of Lake City on US Highway 441. Goats and sheep will also auction at the beginning of each sale if available. Owners are on sight before, during and after the sale to assist customers with any questions or concerns regarding the sale order, bidding process, price of cattle and transaction process.

Ocala Stockyard | Cattle | Hogs | Goats

9100 NW Highway 25A, Ocala, Florida, 34482 (352) 732-4454

Ocala Stockyard is a bonded livestock market. Cattle Sales Monday's at 1 pm. Goat and Hog auction is the 1st Friday of each month at 12 pm.

Okeechobee Livestock Market | Cattle

1055 US Hwy 98 North Okeechobee, FL (863) 763-3127

Okeechobee Livestock Market sells livestock including calves, cattle, and goats every Monday and Tuesday at 12.00pm. Okeechobee Livestock Market stockyards have been serving Florida Cattle Producers since they were opened by cattlemen in 1937. The market continues to bring good quality calves to buyers nationwide and fair market value to Florida producers.

Sumter County Livestock Market

P.O. Box 62 Webster, FL 33597 (352) 793-2021

The Sumter County Livestock Market is one of the largest Cattle Auctions in the Southeastern United States. Auction starts at 12 pm every Tuesday unless otherwise posted! We receive cattle starting Monday evening from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. and again on Tuesday morning starting at 7 a.m. All grown animals need to be in line by 11:30 a.m. as we sell those animals first.

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