Florida farm animals for sale
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Florida Farm Animals for Sale

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florida farm animals for saleFarm Animals for Sale

Florida farm animals for sale at farm animal breeders, livestock auctions, and farms throughout Florida. Florida farms specialize in raising chickens for eggs, meat, and for showing. Goats are raised for milk, meat, and showing. Rabbits are bred for pets, meat, and showing. Sheep are raised for meat and for wool fiber. Cows are bred for milking while cattle are raised for beef. In addition to conventional farm animals, many Florida farms now breed Alpacas and Llamas for sale.

Llama and alpaca farms raise these stately animals for their fine wool and meat. The larger llamas are used for show or for meat while the smaller alpacas are prized for their fine wool. Many farms offer baby alpacas and baby llamas for sale. Baby alpacas and baby llamas are known as crias which is Spanish for baby.

Miniature Farm Animals and Livestock

Miniature, Pygmy, and Dwarf Goats.

Miniature forms of farm animals are favorites for pets and barnyard animals. Besides, who doesn't love miniature baby goats? Florida livestock farms raise Nigerian dwarf goats, pygmy goats, fainting goats, and just plain miniature goats.

Other Miniature Farm Animals

You may also find mini cows, mini-rabbits, teapot pigs, miniature horses, and miniature donkeys offered for sale.

In addition to animal farms in Florida, see the listing of bi-weekly, weekly and monthly livestock auctions. You will find Nigerian dwarf goats, pygmy goats, mini goats, Zebu cows and other mini cows for sale at these Florida animal auctions.

Advantages of Mini Farm Animals

Many miniature farm animals may be raised as pets such as mini horses or miniature donkeys and require only small farms. Mini farm animals are easier to manage and take up less space. The other benefit of mini farm animals is food consumption. Mini farm animals require much less feed and forage than their full size cousins and produce less manure to deal with.

Hobby Farms

Thousands of families in Florida maintain hobby farms. These hobby farms raise both full size and miniature species of farm animals. For example, many hobby farms love mini cows and mini goats. Also, these farms may produce eggs, wool, and milk for sale on a local basis.

Production Farms

Florida is one of the largest cattle producing states in the nation. Favored breeds are Angus, Brahman, Florida Cracker, and Senepol cattle. Sheep and goats are also raised commercially for meat, milk, and wool.

Dairy farming is also a strong contributor to the Florida economy. With over 123,00 cows producing about 2.34 million pounds of milk per year Florida ranks as a major milk producer. Interestingly, goat dairy farms are a growing category as more consumers seek out goat milk and cheese.

Florida is not a big pig producing state with only about 16,000 head taken to slaughter each year. Compare this to Iowa where over 20 million swine are brought to market annually.

Florida Livestock Auctions

Florida livestock auctions are held weekly and feature sales of cattle, hogs, piglets, goats and sheep. Livestock auctions are held at Okeechobee Livestock Market and the Arcadia Stockyard to mention a few. See below for addresses of Florida livestock auction phone numbers for complete schedules and prices.

Farm Stores

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